An Inexplicable Sports Phenomenon

The short fat guy.

It is one of the most inexplicable sports phenomena in the history of sports. Well…pick up sports at least. I have played my share of pick up sports. Pick up basketball, football, kickball, soccer, even handball (well not REALLY handball, it’s more of what we called handball, which consisted of running around throwing a soccer ball into the goal, because the stupid teachers banned football at recess after one little concussion. Lame, right?).

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Never Say N….DRINK

So here. we. go.

As promised, the full results and rules of the Justin Bieber Never Say Never drinking game. How did this come about, you may ask? Well it’s just the simple combination of good friends, a small amount of alcohol and a terrible selection on Netflix instant queue. Continue reading

An Obituary of Joe Paterno by Smarter People

“We’re trying to win football games, don’t misunderstand that,” said Paterno last week. “But I don’t want it to ruin our lives if we lose. I don’t want us ever to become the kind of place where an 8-2 season is a tragedy. Look at that day outside. It’s clear, it’s beautiful, the leaves are turning, the land is pretty and it’s quiet. If losing a game made me miserable, I couldn’t enjoy such a day.” Continue reading