Would I Buy It: the AJ McCarron Chest Tattoo T-Shirt

In honor of Alabama’s National Title (cough, don’t care, cough), I give you this: a shirt with their quarterbacks chest tattoo on it….yes this is really sold.

Worth online: Probably something crazy like $30 (though crazy Bama fans would pay double that, and Harvey Updyke would probably triple it and add in a signed gallon of tree poison).

Analysis: There’s not that much to talk about here…it is a t-shirt with a man’s chest and chest tat on it. Wait, what am I talking about? IT IS A SHIRT OF A MAN’S CHEST.

Not only does it have an exact replica of the body art (complete with a crying Jesus, the names of his mom dad as well as a script “Bama Boy” on the top), but also of both nipples AND STOMACH HAIR.

That’s right, this shirt is the epitome of southern fandom. They even know how much hair their good ‘ole QB has on his stomach….wow.

Would I buy it?: Come on, it’s a shirt with a man’s chest tattoo on it. Isn’t the answer obvious? Abso-freaking-lutely. Sign me up, I’m going to the gym in this baby.


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