It could be…worse?

It’s 1:28 on Monday night. It’s been such a long day that for the past four hours I convinced myself it was Tuesday. Which I guess it TECHNICALLY is now. But you know what could be worse? I could be Clint Barmes (click on the picture): Continue reading


Embracing Our Mourning

Five years ago, on April 16, 2007, the term “being a Hokie” was redefined. It morphed from merely being a noun describing where you go to school, to a beautifully complex noun/adjective/verb hybrid describing who you are. Tonight, my fellow students and I are going to mourn the loss of 32 people we never had the chance to meet, all the while showing support for a community that will stand the test of time. We are all Hokies, and we always will be. The students, faculty, town residents, housekeepers, janitorial staff, downtown restaurant and bar owners, team coaches and everyone else in between…all of us…are Hokies. Continue reading

The Best Throwback Jerseys to Never Have

This is going off a Bill Simmons joke on Twitter where he was saying the worst throw back jerseys of all time (like Namath with the Rams), adding Lamar Odom’s Mavericks jersey to the list. Well that just got me thinking to me best (aka worst) throwback jerseys of all time. Continue reading