The Virginia Tech Athletic Department announced that the football team is going to wear these helmets for their September 22 game against Bowling Green. I may be in the minority here…but ew.

Yes, I realize that every young guy/recruit loves new swag. I know that sporting goods companies love to design new things because, no matter how ugly, all the young college kids will eat them up. I also know that it’s always a great thing to show love to the men and women in the armed forces, so don’t think I’m hating on that.

But I have to be honest here….this may be the ugliest thing to ever dawn our precious VT….and that’s saying something.

Here’s a look at some of the best….aka worst….uniform selections the creative geniuses at Nike have given us the pleasure of wearing:

The Sleeve Jersey

The Marcus Vick era had its ups and downs (though…mostly downs). But I think that the sleeve look, much like Marcus, was expelled for a number of good reasons.

The Black Alternates

I KNOW I’m in the minority on this. My thought? I mean at least the sleeve look used maroon and orange. Black is not our color, and in my opinion should never be dawned again.




In the words of my boy Bobby “were not Clemson.”

Great analysis indeed.

But also, I really hope the university remembers that we are not Oregon. We’re not a different ACC team that tries to distract its fans from the losing by having a trillion different combinations.

One thing I have to say for these helmets, however…I really think they will help on the Beamer family hunting trip.


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