Somewhere…on an Unidentified Golf Course

Otherwise known as the top 5 places Michael Jordan was instead of watching the lottery last night:

  1. On the golf course somewhere warm- Duh. My theory on why Jordan’s Bobcats lost the lottery:  he was playing Adam Silver on a cash-per-hole basis, didn’t have anything left for the back nine, so he wagered the ‘Cats’ chances to win the lottery against the Hornets (a team owned by the NBA). That is by far the most logical explanation I’ve heard yet for the Hornets winning.

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A Night With My Cruel…Cruel Mistress

And so here we are. Fresh off the heels of a 5-1 win over Scotland, the US took on Brazil in DC. In case you didn’t know, the USMNT and I have a seriously abusive relationship. I always love them, but they beat me, give me hope that we can see the light of a new era together, and then beat me again. So of course…I live blogged the beating. Continue reading

How To: Build a Boy Band

So I was watching TV with my girlfriend over the weekend when I saw that there was something called Boy Band Boot Camp.

Yeah…that’s apparently a real thing.

Well luckily for that guy, I have already discovered the 5 things absolutely needed  that make a boy band, so I really hope he reads this: Continue reading

The Odd Couple

I love this picture.

I mean honestly, if you could find only two people on the entire planet who were exact opposites, I think Yao Ming and Allen Iverson would be extremely high on that list. One is a seven and a half foot tall, 300 plus pound Chinese man, and the other is a “six foot nothing” (cough, five foot tenish, cough) African American who’s probably about 3 Petron shots above 140 pounds. Continue reading

The Durant List

I have compiled a list of people who could completely and successfully guard Kevin Durant:

  • Ron Artest (not Metta World Peace)
  • Dennis Rodman circa 1988
  • MJ
  • Kobe Bryant with no offensive responsibilities
  • The Purple MonStar
  • The Easter Bunny (I just wanted to add someone else that doesn’t exist in 2012)

That’s all I got….okay I’ve got a game to watch.

Do and Don’ts For a Twitter Novice

For those of you who don’t know…I am kind of a Twitter elitist. When I hopped on the tweet machine over two and a half years ago, I decided one thing: that this would NOT be like Facebook. That means that I don’t have to follow people who follow me, especially when they tweet status updates like “Going to the gym!!!” ,”Thinking about getting some fast food…suggestions?!?” (roughly translated into: I’m bored, alone and I’m going to eat away my feelings…someone talk to me?) or “Just ran away from the cops!” (okay…I may actually want to follow that person). Continue reading