NO NO NO NO NO-The Shia Watch

So…my girlfriend showed me this. I’m confused….weirded out, and a little more confused.

Does anyone know where Shia went after the last Transformers movie? Apparently, he made an indie film about bootlegging (come on Shia, Tom Hardy can do a southern accent, and you can’t?). And then he starred in this:

I’ll get to it first….


I’m more than confused. This is the most mind blowing thing, just because I really don’t understand it.

What is it?

Why are they naked?

Are they dancing or fighting?

Why is he wearing tight?

Why does he vaguely look like Mike Miller?

So many questions, but I only made it through about 1:20 of it before my mind melted…I hope you make it further, if you choose to watch.

If you don’t…then just don’t that’s probably smarter.


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