NBA Draft-The Tweet Up

As most of you had probably heard, the 2012 NBA Draft was earlier this week. Dozens and dozens of people not related to/working for NBA prospects descended on ______ in New Jersey to watch David Stern fight a chorus of boos every time he popped his face on stage to announce a pick.

Normally, any draft elicits the gimmickiest columns and articles from even the most respected writers. Report cards, draft diaries, live blogs…all are staples of NBA Draft season.

As anyone who reads this blog can probably attest…I am not bigger than a gimmicky column. In fact…I write them regularly. Live blogs? Yup. Mock drafts? Guilty. Top 10s and 5s? You bet your sweet mother I write those too.

Anyway, since the draft makes people think it’s okay to write the same exact column 20,342 times, I’ve come up with a twist on a gimmick. Well…maybe it’s a combination of gimmicks with a splash of Marcolini thrown in.

Anyways, what better way to show immediate, sometimes embarrassing, and usually outrageous thoughts about the draft on-goings than on Twitter…the heaven for outrageous, usually embarrassing immediate thoughts! So with that…my friend Craig (probably the most outrageously opinionated person I know) and I go through pick by pick via tweet, and my thoughts that follow:

1. New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Davis, C Kentucky

Let’s be honest…it was not a secret Davis was going one. Had to look good, so I wanted just an outrageous teal/purple/gold tie. Maybe just wear a personalized Hornets jersey under his suit jacket. Go crazy Uniblocker…go crazy.

2. Charlotte Hornets-Michael Kidd-Gilcrest, SF Kentucky

So yeah, we like this pick? A rarity from the Michael Jordan era. In fact, it was so rare, that I sent my friends Brooks (Going For Three’s resident Bobcats fan) this text before they were on the clock:

“On a scale form 0 to sitting in the corner of a basement weeping while holding a cardboard cut out of Gerald Wallace…how nervous are you?” (for the record, he said 3-4)

3. Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal, SG Florida

4. Cleveland Cavaliers-Dion Waiters, SG Syracuse

(He didn’t)

5. Sacramento Kings-Thomas Robinson, PF Kansas

I’m going on record to say that neither MKG nor Thomas Robinson’s sister had good interviews.

6. Portland Trail Blazers-Damian Lillard, PG Weber State

Look…I’m sticking with that comp. I may not be an expert…or know anything at all…but I know a ball hogging scorer disguised as a “point guard” when I see it.

7. Golden State Warriors-Harrison Barnes, SF North Carolina

(Needless to say, I’m not a huge Harrison Barnes fan).

8. Toronto Raptors-Terrance Ross, SG Washington

Well…at least Terrance Ross looked good on draft night.

9. Detroit Pistons-Andre Drummond, C Connecticut

10. New Orleans Hornets-Austin Rivers, SG Duke

For the record…Rivers was growing a little Fu Man Chu type mustache. Not a good look, and probably the biggest fashion hubbub in a relatively dapper draft lottery.

11. Portland Trail Blazers-Meyers Leonard, C Illinois

Sorry any Meyers Leonard fans out there…though I’m sure you’re getting Bill Walton comps on the Portland blogs!

12. Houston Rockets-Jeremy Lamb, SG Connecticut

13. Phoenix Suns-Kendall Marshall, PG North Carlolina

(Craig called this earlier in the day)

14. Milwaukee Bucks-John Henson, PF North Carolina

15. Philadelphia 76ers- Maurice (Mo) Harkless, SF St. Johns

(in regards to Tyler Zeller…only man in attendance that hasn’t been drafted)

16. Houston Rockets-Royce White, PF Iowa State

I definitely missed on my pre-draft research. How did I  not know he had a highlighted mowhawk?!?

17. Dallas Mavericks-Tyler Zeller, C North Carolina (later traded to Cleveland)

I honestly don’t remember sending that tweet. I do not agree with what that imposture said at all.

18. Houston Rockets-Terrance Jones, PF Kentucky

(May come to regret that one).

 (Not as much as that).

19. Orlando Magic-Andrew Nicholson, PF St. Bonnaventure

20. Denver Nuggets-Evan Fournier, SG France

21. Boston Celtics-Jarred Sullinger, PF Ohio State

22. Boston Celtics-Fab Melo, C Syracuse

Any time you can get a guy who MAY be able to replace Ryan Hollins and Greg Steisma at 22 (with another top 10 talent on the board) you do it.

That was about the end of our extremely compelling analysis. In review:


Davis, MKG, Robinson, Marshall, Royce White, Terrance Jones, Jarred Sullinger (and Perry Jones III at 28 to OKC).

Didn’t Like:

Damian Lillard, Austin Rivers, Tyler Zeller’s nose


Meyers Leonard, Maurice Harkless

Well that’s a fun exercise to look back on and call myself an idiot. Up tomorrow? That’s right…NBA DRAFT SUIT POWER RANKINGS


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