I came to a realization a few weeks ago: writing on prompt is not only excruciatingly sucky, but creatively draining. I used to feel like I was at least decently solid as a writer, but semester after semester of writing 800 to 1000 words on _______ (how sociocapitalism has an effect on the sales of punk music and such subcultures in the 1980s, “Owens Dining Hall: How it Attributes to the Freshman Fifteen”, etc.) has drained me of any motivation/enjoyment I get from writing.

So, in response to the lack of writing that I actually enjoy, here is this blog. The purpose is simple: to write one time every day from today (the first day of 2012), until the day that I graduate, three semesters from now (hence the name).

What will I write about, you ask? Good question.

It will obviously depend on the day. Some days I’ll write about sports, others pop culture/on going news/political events. Some days it will be about literally whatever pops into my head (which is a scarily vast place). And the rest? Well, I am going into the prime of my collegiate experience, surrounded by great friends and family at a great university. I’m sure they’ll help me out in some way.

And while obviously I really hope people read this, I have absolutely no expectations about how many people will actually read what I have to say. It doesn’t really matter, actually. For me, it is more about conquering the blank document screen. To lessen the dread of staring at a blinking cursor with an obligation of filling the page.

So in other words, thank you for visiting.


PS: (In warning: I often have a tendency to talk in massive hyperbole through either run on sentences or short fragments.)

PPS: (If you think that this at all resembles Rembert Browne’s fantastic blog 500 Days Assunder it kind of does, because it motivated me to start this project. If you think it resembles it too much, shut up. Unless you’re Rembert Browne, then you should probably say something (but at least you’re reading).


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