Charlotte’s Only Answer

So, as the entire NBA fan community has been busy reading stories about how easily Kevin Durant scores and how the Heat have to stick with their defensive scheme, I’ve been thinking about something else, the Charlotte Bobcats.

That’s right, the Bobcats. The definition of putrid. The team whose best player…Boris Diaw… refused to go on a road trip in the beginning of winter and demanded a trade (he was subsequently released). That’s right, their best player was BORIS “I EAT TOO MANY CROISSANTS” DIAW.

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Great Expectations

So here it is. Finally.

After what seemed like the longest set of playoffs of all time, we are set with the only finals matchup that matters.

San Antonio or Boston would’ve made a nice story and it’s always fun to root against the Lakers, but anyone working for the NBA knows that this is the series that the public wanted and the league needed.

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Taking a Look at US Soccer

I know, two soccer posts in a row? What can I say, I have the fever (I mean, I also have an ACTUAL fever, but that’s beside the point).

But seriously…after 3 matches in 11 days, I’m in full on AMURICA mode. So, as we (and yes, I use we when talking about this team because it’s AMURICA) head into qualifying, here are some bullet points of random US Soccer thoughts: Continue reading

Somewhere…on an Unidentified Golf Course

Otherwise known as the top 5 places Michael Jordan was instead of watching the lottery last night:

  1. On the golf course somewhere warm- Duh. My theory on why Jordan’s Bobcats lost the lottery:  he was playing Adam Silver on a cash-per-hole basis, didn’t have anything left for the back nine, so he wagered the ‘Cats’ chances to win the lottery against the Hornets (a team owned by the NBA). That is by far the most logical explanation I’ve heard yet for the Hornets winning.

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A Night With My Cruel…Cruel Mistress

And so here we are. Fresh off the heels of a 5-1 win over Scotland, the US took on Brazil in DC. In case you didn’t know, the USMNT and I have a seriously abusive relationship. I always love them, but they beat me, give me hope that we can see the light of a new era together, and then beat me again. So of course…I live blogged the beating. Continue reading