Wu Tang NBA Finals Names

According to the Wu Tang Clan name generator:

Miami Heat

  • Lebron James-Radiophonic Oddity
  • Dwayne Wade-Top-Heavy Hookjaw
  • Chris Bosh-Violent Toilet Thing (swear to god…look it up)
  • Mario Chalmers-Erratic Assassin
  • Shane Battier-Asthmatic Enemy of God
  • Mike Miller-Dependable Skeleton
  • Udonis Haslem-Action-Packed Mentallist
  • James Jones-Dizzy Cow
  • Joel Anthony-Well-Liked Assman
  • Juan Howard-Excitable Misunderstood Genius
  • Ronny Turiaf-Tha Ever So Weary Assistant
  • Dexter Pittman-Big Wicker Ventriloquist
  • Eddy Curry-Tha Prickly Comedian

Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Kevin Durant- Bilious Bad Janitah
  • Russell Westbrook- Gorky`s Zygotic Glove Puppet
  • James Harden- Tha Lonely Donkey Kong
  • Serge Ibaka- Half-Cut Skeleton
  • Thabo Sefolosha- Sheepish Lord of Chaos
  • Kendrick Perkins- Undiscovered Bum
  • Nick Collison– Masta Cow
  • Derrick Fisher- Contagious Specialist
  • Daequan Cook- Promiscuous Protestah
  • Cole Aldrich-Embryonic Crusadah
  • Reggie Jackson-Fiendish Observational Comedian
  • Royal Ivey- Flailing Fanatical Killer
  • Eric Maynor-Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMasta