House Shopping

With the conclusion of the ever-fascinating NBA Finals, the next stage of the NBA season is quickly approaching–draft time.

I love the NBA Draft. It’s really inexplicable how much I actually love it, I don’t watch a ton of college hoops outside of my Hokies/in March. But for whatever reason,  it consumes my thoughts for at least a week (usually longer if not for the strike shortened season).

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What to Watch for: The Players (part 2)

Arguably the most important part of the tournament is the players. While the names and colors of their jerseys may look more familiar than the face above them, the players are obviously what makes the tournament tick. Last year, we had  two guys are just go HAM (Jimmer was insane, and Kemba will always Kemba in my heart…).

This year, it looks like the field is decently balanced. Here are a few guys I’m looking at  during conference tournament play, going into the Dance. Continue reading