House Shopping

With the conclusion of the ever-fascinating NBA Finals, the next stage of the NBA season is quickly approaching–draft time.

I love the NBA Draft. It’s really inexplicable how much I actually love it, I don’t watch a ton of college hoops outside of my Hokies/in March. But for whatever reason,  it consumes my thoughts for at least a week (usually longer if not for the strike shortened season).

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Charlotte’s Only Answer

So, as the entire NBA fan community has been busy reading stories about how easily Kevin Durant scores and how the Heat have to stick with their defensive scheme, I’ve been thinking about something else, the Charlotte Bobcats.

That’s right, the Bobcats. The definition of putrid. The team whose best player…Boris Diaw… refused to go on a road trip in the beginning of winter and demanded a trade (he was subsequently released). That’s right, their best player was BORIS “I EAT TOO MANY CROISSANTS” DIAW.

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